TEDxRedmond2011 is complete!

I was super nervous today, but TEDxRedmond was a fantastic experience!  Family and friends say I spoke very well, but i’m kind of afraid to look at the recording.  I ended up speaking 7 minutes instead of the original three I was allotted, which wasn’t a problem.  I also heard some incredible speeches by some fascinating people, there are a lot of young people doing great things.  A speaker named Felix who’s last name I don’t recall was supposed to talk to us via Skype from Germany, but technological problems and time inconveniences prevented us from hearing what he had to say.

I’m sad the event is over and I won’t get to see most of the speakers again, but delighted that I don’t have to worry about preparing myself any more.  I will definitely be attending, if not speaking at or helping organize the 2012 event!

(Almost forgot) A HUGE thanks to all the comittee members and volunteers as well as parents, fellow speakers, and generous sponsors that made this entire experience possible for me to spread my project and have such a great time.

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3 Responses to TEDxRedmond2011 is complete!

  1. Kristine Isaacson says:

    What an impressive undertaking! So glad you had this opportunity and took advantage of it. Keep me posted on any other projects you embark upon!
    Mrs. Isaacson

  2. Sue (Thull) Friend says:

    I read about your project in “The Tipton Times” so checked out this blog to see the pictures—awesome!!! You seem destined to do more ‘cool stuff’ young man! Have fun! —-Sue Friend in Wichita, Ks.

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