Christmas Conundrum of the Universal Serial Bus

Today I had a few minutes to try connecting to the PIC32 again. After hooking up power to the copter I was able to get the chip version number and programmed it to get a USB example running.  After several power fights between the USB port and my 3.3v regulator, set the finger-burning processor off to the side and investigated the USB port to make sure I had the proper connections.

Oddly, I measured -5v (negative 5v) instead of the 5v i expected, on multiple computers. Does anybody know what is going on? I verified my pinout and testing connections, they all seem solid; just the power leads of the USB connector going straight into the multimeter.

On a side note, Christmas was great, I received a Aoyue 852A++ SMD Rework Station and it is awesome (worthy of awe?  awe-worthy?), a Panavise 324 Electronic Work Center, a 3 hour photography clinic, nice fleece shirt, and some stocking stuffers.  Food was a challenge since not many stores are open on Christmas day and we had just returned from skiing in Whistler last night.  Nonetheless a great day, and I’ve got 15 more minutes to enjoy it.

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