January 3, 2012

Today I dropped my iPhone 3g and the screen cracked.  Which got me thinking…Did Apple create a hidden source of income by making its products smooth enough to slip from your hands and have the screen crack just so most people will pay them to replace it for half the cost of the device? Keep in mind the Apple Store will happily lighten your wallet by 1 Benjamin to replace your cracked screen, if not more.  Nonetheless, I won’t slip into that anti-bargain.  I prefer to fix things myself, so its off to iFixit to buy a fresh replacement digitizer and tape.  Saves me 60 bucks.

And now for a quote.

People who refuse to do the math on their finances generally have less money.  Now, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy Jestskiis.  Have you seen people riding Jetskiis?  They’re all happy.   – Mr. Robison, Geometry Teacher.

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