January 13, 2012.

It’s Friday the 13th, and I’ve got another quote from my geometry teacher.

“Wow the odor from this pen is wonderfully toxic.  Ooh that is powerful.  I can feel myself getting dumber.”

It still hasn’t snowed, though the mountains are getting plenty of snow for us to go skiing in Whistler and Crystal which was really nice.  Forecasts say that the frigid cold nights we’ve been having recently should produce some snow so we can finally skip some school just in time for semester final!  On another note, I’m going to a photography clinic soon which should be really exciting and fun.  A professional photographer is leading the clinic and it’s supposed to be a really hands-on class.  I’ve also noticed a great opportunity for some sunrise landscape photography.  I tried this once before in Seattle, but It was really difficult to get there before the sky lit up.  On the way to school I noticed the CadMan factory that is always putting out smoke, perfectly lit by the sun rising behind it.  I’ve been meaning to take pictures of it at night before but never had the chance.

Another project that has pretty much been consuming my time is National History Day.  This year in social studies we are required to compete in this history competition, and the theme for 2012 is “Revolution, Reaction, and Reform in History.” I chose the topic of the open source revolution that ultimately started in the late 1980s with Linux and has becoming very popular for numerous projects today.  In addition to being actually interesting to me, I get to find sources and make a documentary on something that doesn’t seem boring at all!  I get to pursue my interest and get a good grade at the same time!  Yes, I am making a documentary, individually, which means that there’a s lot of work ahead until the competition on March 21st, lots of interviews and sources to sift through.  This is probably going to be exciting and extremely difficult.

www.nhd.org is the National History Day website.

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