Motor Twitch Troubleshooting

Made a good amount of progress on controlling the Hextronik 2g motors with the 0.3g ESCs.  As they are not designed for my purpose, it took a lot of tinkering around with the duty cycle and period of the PWM pulse to replicate a standard RC signal.  That said, I was rewarded with a very satisfying and terrifyingly fast motor sweep from off to full throttle!

In the process of troubleshooting I had one ESC completely lock up and not respond at all, so I’m definitely going to order another batch and another set of propellers very soon as replacements.  Speaking of propellers, I got those mounted onto the motors using heat-shrink tubing and carefully boring out the prop holes.  One propeller got destroyed (and my finger sliced open), but luckily I have one extra.

In addition, I finished routing the next version of my controller. Major changes include a board size of 1.5″ square (as opposed to 2″ of version 1), 6mil traces/spaces, 14 mil vias, 0.8mm board, an all-in-one buck/boost converter, the MPU-6050 and BMP085 on-board, no external temperature sensor, and a total of 17 GPIO. I still need to add the silkscreen and I might try to sneak in a magnetometer and “real” bluetooth module like the Roving Networks RN-41 if the USB dongle doesn’t work out  I plan to order from SeeedStudio who offers 10 boards of 5x5cm size from 0.8-2.0mm thickness for just $10!  The base price also gets you a %50 electrical test, another $1o gets you a full test for only $20 total.

Seedstudio’s FusionPCB service

How to set up your own 2.4Ghz SuperMicroSystems Brushless 0.3g ESCs

Version 2 Schematic

V2 Routing finished

Next I’m going to try to communicate with all four motors, if all the ESCs work as they should.

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