School Snow Days

Anyone who’s been following the weather knows the northwest has been getting TONS of snow, in my area we missed almost a full week of school after a 3 day weekend and had to add a week to the semester to have enough time for finals.  We got around 8-10″ of snow that made driving pretty interesting; my dad’s Prius was skidding dangerously at times!    I also might have a chance to work on putting together TEDxRedmond2o12 with tons of other great people this March, which would be really exciting.

And then there’s school, same as ever.  We had a field trip to the Museum Of History And Industry (MOHAI) to test out some new interactive exhibits before they move to their new building and I highly suggest everyone makes the trip to the new exhibit, it’s going to be excellent.  Back to the “same as ever” part.  I’ve been extremely bored in school for the past couple weeks, all our teachers do is give us work time on lame assignments that captivates the interest of almost nobody.  It feels like 6 hours of doing nothing with my life every day.  Highschool had better offer more than junior high, if anything I want to intern somewhere to learn more about mechanical/electrical engineering and get a job instead of being bored in school.  Some reform needs to take place in our schools.

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