MicroQuad Update #6

Tons has happened!  The revision two board is much smaller, 1.5″ square and packs the Trimble Copernicus II GPS with chip antenna, HMC5883L Magnetometer, MPU-6050 gyro/accelerometer, BMP085 barometer, 5 PWM outputs, 17 IO pins, USB host capability, data logging, and weighs in at 4 grams fully assembled.  The TPS61200 boost converter on board also supplies a solid 3.3v over the full range of the LiPo.

Additionally, since this board will be used to test the Ultimate GPS from Adafruit and is compatible for my high altitude balloon projects, Adafruit sent me one of their Ultimate GPS modules to test!  It sports unlocked altitude, 1ohz update rates, 25ma of tracking power consumption, onboard data logging, and much more for only $30!  Also, through Adafruit’s awesome Show-and-Tell podcast on G+ I go on occasionally to update them, Rick Winston agreed to send me a few wireless modules from EasyRadio.  If i use a sensitive antenna i should be able to get enough line-of-sight range out of them, and 900mhz should be a quiet band with reasonable data rate.  Thanks Rick!

Now for the negatives: the TPS61200 short circuits when the GPS is connected, probably due to RF interference off the inductor, so until i can get that fixed I might move to a 50mv dropout LDO.  To make matters worse, after a month of trying with the MPU-6050 and Jeff Rowberg’s I2Cdev Library, I still can’t get sensor data out of the device.  It is Rev A silicon, so I might need to replace it with a Rev C current one, but the MPU9150 is going to be released soon and it has a fully integrated 9-axis sensor array.  I have been successful in talking to the barometer, GPS, OpenLog data logger, and the Ultimate GPS.  Finally was able to order another set of props and ESCs as well.  It’s about time Hobbyking.

Oh, and my 1200 gram balloon from Kaymont arrived a few weeks ago.  Adafruit was kind enough to post about it.

The Adafruit Show and Tell yesterday.

Just a small note, QwertyBoyDesign based his quadcopter project off of mine, you can see his blog here.

Below are a few photos of the most recent board.

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2 Responses to MicroQuad Update #6

  1. Hehe, maybe I should have read your post before I replied on my blog. I see that you already knew about the i2cdevlib. I believe I have a rev C MPU-6050, so I’ll post about it if I (hopefully) have success reading it.

    Thanks for the plug, too!

  2. skyromaniac says:

    Impressive how you manage to fit so much on a microquad. Thanks for sharing your project with the world.

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