Radios Galore

Always a nice day when a package arrives!  Yesterday I received two EasyRadio modules from Rick Winscott.  I was on the Adafruit Show and Tell with him two weeks ago, he was showing off his Arduino breakout and said he’d send me a few to test with my upcoming balloon launch!  They are Easy Radio 434Mhz transceivers, came on a nicely laid out and socketed board complete with LEDs, a short dipole and a robust SMA antenna connector.  The 434Mhz version touts a 10mw of transmit power, which doesn’t sound like a lot.  But with the right antennas and line of sight transmission, a 10mw signal can easily to 20 miles or more.  Rick recommends something like a full-wave dipole antenna for the best reception.  Thanks Rick!

Nicely made board!

EasyRadio 434Mhz modules from Rick Winscott

I also picked up two Bluetooth demo kits.  One is the SmartRF05 EVB from Texas Instruments (the new Bluetooth LE modules) that came with two large dev boards with tons of capabilities.

Both dev. boards, antennas, and the USB module

Bluetooth LE dev Board from TI

The BT LE radio daughter board

Also is a small USB dongle that I may use for my MicroQuad if I don’t use the other Bluetooth kit i got, a very small RF256xT demo kit also from TI.  It features some extremely small breakout boards with Panasonic accelerometers, a USB interface dongle, a battery adapter board, and a demo program that lets you play Tux Racer wirelessly using the accelerometer!  Tons of fun, alleviated some boredom at school.  The second, smaller kit is only normal Bluetooth, but it is in an easier to use package with the USB interface dongle.

RF256xT modules from TI

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