MicroQuad Rev 2.1 PCBs

I received the Rev 2.1 PCBs from Advanced Circuits.  Most beautiful PCBs i’ve ever seen!  Well, that I’ve designed myself…  Anyway, I had to order a new set of ultra low dropout regulators since I lost the first ones I ordered – literally tore apart my room trying to find them.  A fresh MPU-6050 Rev C silicon and fresh BMP085 also got soldered on.  Going to get ahold of some Amtek solder paste (per recommendation of Limor Fried, Ask An Engineer).  Speaking of which, I won a Chumby NeTV on the trivia question!   Arrived yesterday, will upload pics/post soon.  Erik Noren will be next to win (thanks for the karma).  Back to the PCBS, I hooked up the LDO, had a bit of debugging to do with some pesky capacitor shorts, but now that everything is talking it’s time to get started on the code.  In the payload I’ll have to interface to the MPU6050, BMP085, HMC5883 (all I2C), Adafruit Ultimate GPS versions 2 & 3, Copernicus II GPS, SFE OpenLog, and the ERA900TRS radio (all RS232).  The box interior can be incredibly small, only 5×5″ because i can stack all the electronics pretty tightly.  Batteries will be 3 Energizer Ultimate Lithium cells (3000mah = at least 24 hours of continuous operation).

From top left clockwise, Ultimate GPS v2, OpenLog, V2.1 PCB, Rick Winscot’s EasyRadio breakout, and Ultimate GPS v3.


Copernicus II GPS on the bottom


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