T-12 Hours.

12 hours to launch time of 10 AM in Quincy, Washington of LENSEv2.  Currently I’ve been troubleshooting for 12 hours and just patched up the electronics:

  • Adafruit Ultimate GPS v2  and v3
  • Copernicus II GPS
  • 2 Bubble Technology Neutron Dosimeters
  • Sparkfun heating pads
  • Canon SX210IS running a 8 second CHDK intervalometer script
  • EasyRadio Advanced 900 TRS transmitting GPS data out a cloverleaf antenna
  • 7 Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • SFE OpenLog data logger
  • Satellite SPOT II personal tracker
  • And a blinky LED.

Temperature sensors and barometric pressure sensors failed.  Tomorrow I’ll attempt to track the payload in real time with a heading/inclination script i coded to direct me where to point my 30dbi helical antenna, receiving real time GPS data.  On 1mw of transmit power from 50 miles…fat chance but I thought I’d try it.  Updates on @BudgetEngineer (twitter), I’ll be on the Adafruit Show and Tell tomorrow night to share the results.

Damn Murphy.  Long post and photos will follow.

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