My name is Ethan Perrin and I’m 16 years old.  I have interests in photography, cinematography and film production, robotics, computers, electrical and mechanical engineering, graphic design, woodworking, and just DIY in general.  I play and referee soccer, sail, and downhill ski in the rainy state of Washington and enjoy outdoor activities like backpacking and camping with my Boy Scout troop and family.  I started this blog to show my friends and family what I’m up to and projects I’m working on, as well as a place to share my opinions and experiences.

I’m learning as much as I can with several achievements are under my belt:

  • Launching a High Altitude Balloon successfully.  See LENSE.
  • Designing a palm-size quadcopter complete with 10 axes of measurement and GPS location.
  • Proficient with Eagle PCB layout software and electrical hardware engineering.
  • Versed in materials design and mechanical engineering basics.
  • Experienced with all kinds of woodworking and metalworking tools, using free software packages like eMachineShop and Google Sketchup.
  • Speaking at TEDxRedmond 2011 about LENSE.  The video of my speech can be found here.
  • Organizing the set and technology/presentation aspects of TEDxRedmond 2012.
  • Head of Logistics and Technology for TEDxRedmond 2013
  • Becoming very comfortable with diving into new projects and researching heavily to design the best system for given resources.
  • Testing hardware for Adafruit Industries and Low Power Radio Solutions.
  • Creating a National History Day documentary about Nikola Tesla and taking first place in the nation for NHD 2013.

I’m very interested in internships, your projects, job opportunities!  Contact me!

Email: ethan.perrin@comcast.net

Various Forums: BudgetEngineer

TwitterFacebook | Google PlusLinkedIn

Note: This page will be updated as time passes.


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